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What Exactly Is Integrative Oncology? Here’s What Cancer Patients Need To Know!

A health issue or disease may affect one part of the body, but it can take a toll on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. That’s the essence of integrative medicine. At its core, integrative medicine takes a holistic approach towards treatment, and as you may guess, integrative oncology applies the same principles towards treatment of cancer. Many experts have expressed home that integrative oncology might offer a better quality of life to cancer patients, which basically involves using integrative therapies with some of the conventional means of treatment. In this post, we take a more detailed look at integrative oncology.

What does integrative oncology entail?

Integrative oncology is all about expert medical care, but it extends beyond chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, i.e. the traditional treatment means. The treatment aligns towards healing the mind, body, and spirit, and therefore, the therapies are not conventional in nature. For example, a patient may not survive without a few sessions of chemo, but chemotherapy is known for its side effects. In case of integrative oncology, doctors will use other therapies and means, so that the patient can manage these side effects better and lead a more fulfilling life. While integrative oncology may seem new to many people, there are selected centers where patients are seeking this form of treatment, so that life with cancer doesn’t seem like a burden.

What other alternative therapies are used?

With integrative oncology, the focus is on healing and ensuring that the mind and body are in sync with one other. Patients may be asked to indulge in special activities, music and arts, while physical therapy, exercise, yoga and meditation also become a part of the routine. Doctors may also include nutrition, diet charts as a part of integrative oncology, with other means of alternative treatment, such as massage and aromatherapy.

Benefits of integrative oncology

The purpose is integrative oncology is to ensure that the patient has a good quality of life and can manage the side effects of traditional treatments. Most patients stay for about 12 weeks at these integrative oncology centers, where the doctors focus on healing cancer and not conquering it. This doesn’t necessary mean that regular treatments are not considered at all, but the idea is to educate patients, so that they can find better ways to enjoy their life without being bothered about cancer treatments.

Final word

If you are considering integrative oncology for yourself or someone you love, it is important to understand that this kind of treatment is not about a secret sauce. It is more about focusing on the key aspects of life that have been affected by cancer and finding a way to manage the symptoms. Every patient is considered to be different at an integrative oncology center, and therefore, the treatment is customized and decided after considerable attention to their health. Oncologists with healthcare providers will decide if integrative oncology can help the patient.

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