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Premature Hair Loss – Why Does it Happen?

If your like most people who experience hair loss, you probably think your genes are to blame for going bald at a young age, but it could very well be reversible. There are plenty of non-permanent hair loss causes that once corrected or eliminated can lead to normal hair growth returning.

On average, humans shed between 60-100 hairs every day as part of the normal growth and renewal cycle. When we’re stressed or when we’re unwell, hair loss can advance; thus, the normal growth cycle can be significantly disturbed.

The Hair & Smoking Relationship

For decades now, health professionals have been trying to link cigarette smoke to balding. Research indicates that smoking upsets normal hair growth cycle by adversely affecting the circulation. Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen, harms the blood flow to your hair follicles and raises the carbon monoxide levels all which causes hair follicle damage.

Hair follicles need essential vitamins and nutrients, a significant amount of oxygen and minerals to function correctly and prompt hair growth. When the hair follicles don’t get enough of these essentials, the hair growth is negatively impacted.

What Can I Do To Stop Hair Loss?

If you can quit smoking or even decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke a day, it will improve the health of your hair follicles which will lead to the improvement of hair growth. Support from your health professional is recommended.

Hair loss diagnosis broken down into four steps:


Experienced and qualified hair transplant specialists will conduct a psychological investigation of each of their patients with scalp disorder and hair loss.


During this stage, the patient’s donor zone will be examined, and its eligibility for the session will be determined. Following this step, they will advise on the size of the hair transplant section if required.


During this stage, the hair transplant specialists will go over the design of the new hairline as well as coverage and hair density.


You will talk about the treatment, complete a health questionnaire and learn how to prevent future hair loss. By examining you and learning about your health, they will know if the trigger is reversible, such as smoking, or if further action is required to restore your hair.  During your consultation, you should feel comfortable to ask as many questions as you like and you should ask to look at photos of previous patients with the same hair loss issues that you have. This is an integral part of your hair regrowth journey, and you should choose a clinic that has an extensive range of patient portfolios available for you to view, a great example of this is Medici Capelli hair transplants before and after photos.

If the hair loss trigger is not reversible and a further approach is necessary, for example, a hair transplant, clinics like Medici Capelli will offer the most delicate and least invasive hair transplant procedure with natural-looking results. During the extraction and implantation, your hair transplant specialist will use medically designed tools to create incisions with a diameter of less than 1 mm. Your downtime will be minimal, and in most cases, patients return to work the next day.

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