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In the United States, medical insurance is very important

Although American medical insurance (also known as 美国医疗保险) is not mandatory, most people still cannot leave insurance (also known as美国医保). Otherwise, if you are sick, you will have to declare bankruptcy.

After a friend’s referral, I came to a dental clinic. The environment is elegant and comfortable, and the doctors and nurses have a good attitude. The only thing that bother me is the price. The doctor said directly or wait for your student health insurance (留学生保险) to come into effect, otherwise it is too expensive. Without medical insurance, a tooth is $140, and does not include other fees. In U.S, medical insurance is sperate with dental insurance. If you want to check your teeth in U.S., you will need to buy dental plan. Here we highly recommend huhu insurance (also known as留学生保险)

An international student has made his own bill online. He saw the emergency department because of pneumonia, four hours of treatment, took an X-ray image, blood test, infusion, and finally opened some anti-inflammatory drugs. A month later, the bill was sent, a total of four, the hospital part of more than 9,000 US dollars, do not know what project 900 dollars, test nearly 500 dollars, and finally take X tablets more than 40 dollars.

Not hospitalized, more than 10,000 US dollars in four hours, no insurance, let you go bankrupt in minutes.

The core difference between Chinese and American medical insurance In fact, whether it is Chinese medical insurance or American medical insurance, you are paying premiums, and the state or insurance company will bear part of the medical expenses for you. What is the core difference between Chinese and American health insurance? In China, if you have a very serious cancer, you need millions of dollars for long-term chemotherapy. If you have medical insurance, you can only reimburse you for a maximum amount (such as 300,000 US dollars), then 300,000 dollars. The above part will be responsible by you. And you have to pay the money before the hospital will treat you, which is why the Chinese have to be crowdfunded if they get sick. The United States happens to be the opposite of China. The US medical insurance reimbursement is not on the line, but it has a guarantee. For example, if a family of four buys a copper plan, then no matter how much money is spent on medical treatment in U.S, the maximum amount you need to pay is only $9,000. The excess is all reimbursed by medical insurance company. Therefore, in medical insurance, the difference between China and the United States is here. China is the cap and the United States is the bottom.

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