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Four Eye Conditions that can Indicate you Have a Health Problem

Your eyes say a lot about your visual and overall health. Indeed, a lot of conditions and diseases can affect your eyes. It is important to pay attention to changes in your vision and eyes so you can get early treatments. If you are experiencing the following symptoms this means you have a health problem and must be treated right away:

Blurred Vision

This condition can be an early sign of diabetes. It happens because of the leaking of your retina’s blood vessels. High blood sugar levels can also cause the leaking of fluid into the clear lens found behind the iris, causing blurred vision. When the lens swells, staying focus will be difficult. As a result, you will begin to experience a blurred vision. Blurred vision can also be caused by lupus, stroke, brain hemorrhage, preeclampsia, and psoriasis. Also, it can develop when you have Lyme disease, cat scratch fever, syphilis, mumps, and herpes.

If you experience blurred vision because of narrowing or bulging retinal blood vessel, you may have high blood pressure that can increase your risk of developing kidney or heart disease. Blurred vision can also result from optic never inflammation. Such inflammation is usually the sign of multiple sclerosis. According to some studies, people with blood vessel abnormalities are twice are likely to suffer from congestive heart failure. If you have blurred vision, start knowing where to find an optometrist near me to get the right treatment.

Night Blindness

If you have this condition, you will find it hard to see in low light. This makes driving at night difficult and unsafe. Also, you may have a problem walking without bumping into things every time you make a trip to the bathroom at midnight. Night blindness may happen when you are nearsighted, have some eye disease, and have diabetes. Also, you may develop this if you are deficient of vitamin A. This deficiency can occur if you have a problem absorbing the vitamin because of gastric bypass or a pancreatic or liver disorder.

Bulging Eyes

The majority of bulging eyes cases is caused by an overactive thyroid gland. The trigger is usually Graves disease, which causes the tissues behind the eye to swell. Bulging eyes can also happen because of conditions like cancer, infections, and leukemia. Aside from being a cosmetic issue, bulging eyes can cause reduced or double vision, eye pain, and headaches.


If you have a yellow or white ring around your iris, you may have high triglycerides or cholesterol. Older people commonly develop rings. But, those who have them at age 45 or younger may have a cholesterol issue.

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